Dracula Super Saiyan 9

Dracula Super Saiyan 9 was a Dracula whose linguistic abilities exceeded that of the normal Dracula. It was able to converse with the Chapelpeople. Socializing with the creature made people realize that Draculas had no taste, further inciting reasons to kill them. As its name implies, it learned to turn Super Saiyan after stumbling upon Diplo's super-secret anime collection. It reached an impressive Saiyan level of 9 in an attempt to impress Giz. It failed to understand that even though Giz loved Diplo, Giz was disgusted with anime on a deep philosophical level.

It lost interest in the Chapelpeople and for good reason (nothing interesting was happening since everyone was dead). It then moved on from Finland into parts unknown…

The Dracula hole it emerged from was sterilized with a Slam Bomb to ensure that the gene pool that facilitated its birth was gone from this world.