Everyone, deep down, wants to be a dragon.

A dragon's psychology operates on a plane obscured to humans. Their habit of protecting mounds of gold in dark places is called "greediness" by natural philosophers, but this is inaccurate, and dragons do not appreciate such a mischaracterization. The true nature of dragons is a mystery.

Dragons love to roar.

Legends state that dragons were born out of Dark Mals' energy, but not all dragons are evil. Dragons simply think they are Number One Creation Ga, similar to how humans think they are lords of the g-urth and all its animals (pigs, moles, abominapes, etc.).

A few people have made pacts with benevolent dragons and have gained the power to turn into dragonoids. If a weak-willed person stays in dragonoid form for too long, their human mind will be overridden by a feral framework. A dragonoid who has learned to balance the two psychologies is a pretty cool person to hang around with.

Dragons' second worst enemy is the bottomless pit; the first is the arrow. Even a mighty dragon would rather endure an endless fall than the shame of a tiny arrow wedging itself between their scales.