Dragonslammers are people who slam dragons for various reasons. They appear many times in The Legend, particularly in the Midleages. "Dragon slamming" is interpreted as a reference to a triumph over Satan, but both parties find this notion to be racist. Similar in many ways is the story of the famous viking Ragnar Loðbrók killing a giant dragon, thereby saving Þóra borgarhjörtr whom he later married.

This story is often regarded as fiction, because only dragons are strong enough to kill other dragons. It bears saying that a dragonslammer is not the same as a dragonkiller. It is possible, however, that every person who has ever slammed a dragon hard enough to kill it was part dragon themselves. Indeed, legends exist of such figures whose bodies had the powers and properties of dragons, and who ate fire to regain strength (presumably eating the flames from a torch in the fashion one would eat a lollipop or cotton candy). Many people today claim part-dragon heritage, most noticeable of which being Duke Von Gaibon, although his victories over the many dragon appendages he severed is more often attributed to the Dragon Boner Smasher being a genuine petrified dragon boner. All of these theories are difficult to research due to dragons being supposedly extinct.