Drake's Joint

Drake's Joint is a bridge that is the dwelling of Hellmight Frank, a friend of Duke von Gaibon. Drake's Joint is so named for its close proximity to the joint known as Duke's Joint. Hellmight Frank is, coincidentally, a drake. In contrast to the lofty ivory tower of Duke's Joint, Hellmight Frank allows the residence of several bumbling soldiers, plague-ridden rats, and the occasional vagrant on the bridge. However, if anyone else dares to trespass on Drake's Joint, Hellmight Frank will relentlessly try to set the adventurer aflame. This usually kills all his tenants. Thankfully, they are all immortal and revive every time someone makes a campfire below.

Early on in the Drake's Joint's existence, Hellmight Frank was still learning his way around the bridge, so adventurers passing by, and spotting a drake such as him, fired arrows his way. Being hit by a single arrow, Frank would get confused and accidentally plunge into Hell. This is no longer an issue. Nevertheless, adventurers love harassing Hellmight Frank for the thousands of swords he keeps in his tail. Nowadays, Hellmight Frank's confusion will cause him to repeat the same action for twelve days straight. If this action is breathing fire, sword-seeking adventurers are doomed. Sometimes he repeats taking a piss, though, allowing adventurers to successfully hassle his tail without an issue.

One particularly famed resident of Drake's Joint was a knight named Inti. The bridge is nicely situated a few miles from the Sun, so Inti, a lover of the sun, became one of the tenants of Hellmight Frank, paying upwards of 10,000 bingle for each night, just so he could bask in the sun. However, Inti went on to abandon the sun in a quest for a subterranean bug (believed by some to be the legendary Golden Bungle Bug) whose ass was lit with ten times the incandescence.

Along with living near Diplo, Hellmight Frank is close to other celebrities such as Duwang "The Angelo Rock" Johnson, the Campanile Comrades (Unbella Flamlit and Glorious Knightbeast), a broken statue of a goddess whose name everyone forgot, a corpse with a lingering but powerful soul, and Blacksmith André 3001, who was voted Top Newcomer Wrestler in WHAM Magazine a millennium ago.

There exists a valuable relic called the Hellmight Gauntlet that is rumored to have been forged from the scales of Hellmight Frank. When asked about their authenticity, Frank hollered, "LEAVE ME ALONE."

Killing Hellmight Frank gives 10,000 souls.