Drakonstrana is the brazen wilderness to the east of Eurump. Contrary to popular belief, Drakonstrana is rich in flora and fauna, with rain forests, mountains, and dragon caves. Drakonstrana is a Communist empire that believes Burgburg to be its ultimate rival, and has pursued several weapons programs including the Shagohod, or "Step Walker", the first automatic vehicle to use drills to drag itself along the ground as a means of transportation. Drakonstrana is currently trying to weaponize dragons. Attempts to weaponize dolphins in its navy were largely successful but they were later imported to Certain Country after a ruling in the Kramlin switched the program's gears to dragons because they were cooler. Duke Von Gaibon claims ancestry from the great dragon-men of Drakonstrana. At least, that's what he says.

Drakonstrana is constantly wrongly portrayed in Burgburg media, but when these depictions make it back to Drakonstrana, the people praise them. The rulers of Drakonstrana have a habit of throwing criminals into its Gulag without trial. This has caused a .01% decrease in crime. The draconian style of rule in Drakonstrana was adopted because the rulers are dragons.