A rising religion in the Land of Taiyou, its numerous adherents number in the billions. Several lobbyist groups have emerged from the woodwork to force governments to change all driving to be 100% Drifting. Utilized vehicles include cars, trains, boats, skateboards, enemies, surfboards, and feet, digitigrade or otherwise. Uncoincidentally, most of these adherents and lobbyist groups are made up of skeletons.

The Neo Slam Gods are beginning to fear Drifting's growing popularity and believe it may produce another SRC. They have failed to act because one member of their pantheon, Ramrod, cannot be pulled away from binge-watching videos of the Drift King drift across the various mountain roads of Taiyou. Because of Neo Slam Gods' inaction, Drifting has already overwhelmed not just the Land of Taiyou, but also a quarter of Southern the Land of Dragons and parts of the Certain East.

Drifting involves suddenly swinging one's steering wheel in one direction to the maximum without regret. The constant shift of balance whilst drifting is comparable to the ebb and flow of Life and Death, Light and Dark…