Drumble Wats

The Drumble Wats are a large series of wats (temples) that span across several trillion acres in Southeast Asia. Originally just a single wat, a former Bubbhist monk who became a business, created his own replica 25 miles south of the original Drumble Wat. It too became a functioning Bubbhist temple. Over the course of a decade, the building of a replica adjacent to the newest replica of a replica became common practice until the temples filled G-Urth's circumference. Each replica is increasingly worse and less convincing than the last, but because there are so many, the temples reached a point where no one could spot where the original was located.

The temples were all quickly abandoned due to various business reasons and are now all inhabited by drumbles.

Ultimate drumble

were do u fine drumble in exp maps im trying to get mutant sac …

where can i find ultimate drumble?