Duke's Joint

Although the exterior of Duke's Joint appears to be that of a grandiose domed library, its interior consists solely of a single, enormous porcelain room with a central base plate for Diplo to stand on and become a pillar. When Diplo is not supporting the room, his servants maintain its integrity with psychic powers.


Interior of Duke's Joint

The rest of Duke's Joint consists of solid bricking, but there are rumors that at the highest point of Duke's Joint is a colossal complex of rotating staircases, lizardmen, and a gramophone that blares out avant-garde noise music that drives everyone else into Attack Mode. Such rumors are founded on the personal accounts of the Diplo clones. Historians argue that each Diplo clone is confusing their own Duke's Joint for the original.

Duke's Joint is located on a hilltop that watches over Fatican City. The surrounding acres on the hill are blanketed by thickets of wood and wild armored boars who refuse to be slapped on the butt. Most adventurers who dare to venture to the forbidden edifice get eaten by the Muscle Mimics which inhabit the forest and pose as treasure chests.

The facade of Duke's Joint is in the style of the Post-SRC Pumpanese Revival, with careful attention paid to the two bodybuilder statues that frame the door. Their niches are engraved with the lyrics of Slam Shack's opening. If each statue is tickled, they will play a recording from the show. Unfortunately, one of the statues has long since been broken and continues to repeat, "Slamslamslamslamslamslam." This has caused the local wildlife to become 200% more Slam.

It is rumored that the Bordwatcher originates from Duke's Joint.