Duke Von Gaibon
Duke Von Gaibon
First Appearance Dragon's Souls (GSX)
Title Russian Mountain,
Draconic Duke,
Great Duke of the Temple,
da QTest Draggy <3
Rank King Errant
Role Fighter/Buffer
Status Living in Jut's Farm ruins,
Crashing at Crash Lake,
Dreaming of Dragon Memories
Cause of Death {$death}
Powers Becoming a dragonoid
Abilities The ability to control his hair
as if it were a part of his body,
Swimming in full armor,
Limited flight
(made even more limited
by his heavy armor)
Age 400
Country Drakonstrana
Height 190 cm
Weight 100 kg
Speed hey slow
Power Level Indomitable
Blood Type A
Family All over Eurump
Marital Status Single
Likes Dragon Dragon, Beauty,
His own magnificent hair,
The Big Swords
Dislikes The Big Words,
Injustice, Seafood
Treasures His personal works of art
Hobbies Praising the Sun
Favorite Food Dragonese Fast Food
Forte in Sports Artistic Jousting
Fighting Style Knightly Code of Honor
Weapon of Choice Dragon Boner Smasher
Attacks Rush'n Attack,
Dragon Drop,
'Bon Fire,
Just Joust of Justice,
Hack of the Fiery Emblem,
Scallion Splitter,
Seven-Branched Sword
(7 pronged attack with
a branch; wood element)
Battle Cry The Dragon's Roar
(Took years of practice
to imitate roars of dragons)
Win Quote "I don't even know
what my own powers
and abilities are.
Oh wait.
They appeared.
Most Unpleasant Maneaters
Weakness Scoundrels, Foul play,
Fighting more than one
giant thing at a time
Favorite Music Music he commissioned
Personality Jolly and Cooperative
An unbelievably Splendid

"One thousand years in the ocean…
One thousand years on the mountain…


-Duke Von Gaibon on his plans for the next two thousand years.

Duke Von Gaibon is a traveling knight of royalty and patron of the arts who regularly came to Resonacia to train his mind, body, and aesthetics.
He has always secretly dreamed of being a dragon.

Last sighted trying to swim up a waterfall dressed as a Koi fish.


Duke Von Gaibon arrived at Resonacia one day, treating it like any other medieval burg. He came as a missionary, spreading the word of the Cult of Slogra on behalf of his good friend and close associate, Duke Zu Slogra. During his early days in Resonacia, Von Gaibon had been carrying coffins for a magnificent torture chamber, commissioned by the Dark Lord Shin Dracula (an extreme version of the Dracula species), which would sit ignored by the populace. Disillusioned by the news that Zu Slogra had given up on his lifelong dream of spreading the image of slogra across the world, on account of being "too cool for this", Von Gaibon stayed behind at the Chapel, finally becoming aware of the magnificence that surrounded him.


Even before he ventured to Resonacia, Duke Von Gaibon was a great duke and king. He spent much time in the great halls of his keep studying tomes of every myth and adventure known to man, and many more unknown.
One day, Duke Von Gaibon suddenly outfitted a steed and, driven by his obsession with knights and dragons, embarked on a quest to become a dragon. Since he travels the world in search of romance and adventure, his feats of beauty and valor are innumerable.

One such adventure led him to the shrouded lands of Demon's Dump, theorized to have been located somewhere in the United Fiefdom due to its remarkably foggy weather. He began his journey by sieging a castle to which he had followed an unsuspecting dragon, later charging up the hill on which the dragon sat and being fended off countless times until he gave up.

After this ominous start, Duke Von Gaibon sought to obtain the biggest sword in all the land, the Dragon Boner Smasher. The ancients had sealed the sword away in the place they least expected anyone to look for it: immediately next to the biggest dragon ever. It was this flaw that led Von Gaibon to discover the lost artifact and claim it for himself. He began rampaging across the lands smashing any dragon boner unlucky enough to have laid in his wake. Having collected himself at last, he shed a tear for all the dragons and crystal lizards he had imperiled, vowing to never again take up his big sword in the name of evil.

A later exploit details his adventure to Lordram of Darkastles, a land deep in the unexplored regions of Finland, and home of Grym, Peklo's great great grand-uncle and the god of chopping firewood and sunlight. Due to his association with the former, he is considered one of the major patron gods of Finland.

Most of Gaibon's time in Lordram was spent battling the unending forces of troll goblins (a deadlier version of gablins), who all had better equipment than he did but resorted to unchivalrous tactics anyway, leading most battles to involve a comical chase scene ending with a kicking contest on the side of a cliff. Most troll goblins attack by throwing copious amounts of pies, a local specialty of Frighttown. Frighttown's hygienics are frightfully bad, so the pies serve as a means of biological warfare as a backup tactic to their characteristic psychological warfare. They are easily excited and go into shrugging convulsions when standing over the corpse of a new victim.

Duke Von Gaibon's greatest dreams came close to being realized when he came across the hidden Crash Lake, praised for its beauty and grimness by all of his peers. It was there that he discovered the secret to becoming a dragon, which he attained through an innumerable quantity of dragon tails that he had secretly been collecting as a hobby. Tragically, his own tail was promptly severed by another adventurer, and upon his return he was thus denounced as a mere shadow of a dragon by Peklo.

Haunting at Boogle Barrow

After the Fall of the Chapel, Gaibon eventually gave up on restoring the place, when he realized that an ordinary man like him would need a trillion generations to recreate the Chapel. Gaibon decided to relocate his art collection to Jut's Farm. Unbeknownst to him, the Successor planted evil spirits in each of the paintings. Each spirit had a timer to implode and warp the surrounding area into miniature rooms of furniture.

When Diplo realized that Duke Von Gaibon's personal art collection at Jut's Farm was haunted by these sinister Boogle Spirits, he suggested that Giz set the collection aflame. Giz stalled for five years despite persistent peer pressure, claiming that he should be given reproductions of the beautiful art before it was destroyed despite there being 99,000,000,000 perfect copies made by everyone else.

Giz finally admitted that he forgot how to make fire. Afterwards, he tripped on a match, and the entire gallery (and farm) set on fire, banishing the evil spirits for good.

A similar event took place a few years later, when Thernz lost his art collection in a fire (a common occurence in The Land of Dragons). When he told Gaibon of this, the Duke produced 99,000,000,000 perfect copies that he had been collecting.