Venomous dingledong that slithers around like a snake. Its two legs have lost all nerve control, and only serve as dead weight. This is a non-issue, for the dumbledung still thrives in the rich jungles of Southern Finland. The dumbledung is covered in thick striped fur, save for its head, ass, and underside.

Its head and ass have the ability to recede into this thick fur skin as a defense mechanism, and so resemble a disembodied monkey's tail. This effect pays no mind to the fact that local jungle goblins love to make monkey tail stew. Upon ingesting the dumbledung, goblins quickly fall to the venom, and the dumbledung slithers from their uterus to make a brave escape.

This does not work if the dumbledung is chopped beforehand.

Dumbledung is also known as creature.