Dumplo Octopus

Dumplo Octopuses are charming deep sea octopuses who were created when Diplo purged the dumbness from his mind into Deathdruum Trench. Perhaps their fragility and innocent allure allude to the simpler past of Diplo, one he wishes to ignore. They are said to love the circle of the moon (their most embarrassing trait), despite having no exposure to the night sky. Appearance-wise, they are distinguished by a pair of oversized ear-like appendages that are twice the size of their body. Their method of propulsion involves shooting air from these ear-like appendages. They swallow their prey whole by ingesting them into these appendages. The most common death of a dumplo octopus is usually suffocation, as it cannot fully ingest its prey, creating an air blockage. The greedier, hungrier ones off the coast of Burgburg are an endangered species because of this.

Another name for the Dumplo Octopus is the Bumbo Octopus. This name served as the inspiration for the much beloved videogame/literary character, Bumbo Borgins.