Duoki is a doppelganger of Diplo. He is a failed test subject, however, and has many imperfections, unlike Dorplo, who is essentially perfect. Duoki's intellect is perceived as lower than average, comparable to that of a Bingledorp in heat. He is often seen with an obese pet Eurasian Golden Oriole perched on his shoulder. An uncommon rumor is that Duoki does not have low intellect; rather, he does not have the means to convey his intellect, and that his pet bird interprets Duoki's excellent thoughts. Duoki is a master of woodwork, and lives in a cabin he built all by himself. It is said he has created an incredibly powerful wooden staff: the Slam Rod (also known in other parts of the land as the Rod of Slamming). The Ruggar clan is currently earnestly searching the forest for Duoki's abode in order to obtain the power of the Rod for themselves. They have yet to prove successful in their search.