Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen

Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen is a witch in Finland who acts as the ambassador between Finland and Land of Taiyou. She is also the entire Ilmavoimat (Air Force) of Finland and is notable for wearing pants, an idiosyncrasy in a world of loin clothes. Other airborne warriors tend to use levitating bench presses, slamming devices, or dragon mounts, but Eila is yet another exception where her pants can create lift. Eila has never been hit, and contributes this to her fortune-telling ability with tarot cards, a Drakonstranan form of divination. Along with other witches (and Hero), she operates under a regiment to protect Finland's supply lines of burgers and mämmi from airborne Draculas.

Eila has a deep fondness for pranks and mischief and it is rumored she is not actually human, but a tonttu. There is substantial evidence for this, including her lack of muscle development and lack of deep melancholy. Some Finnish have protested to have her stripped of her nationality because she is simply too happy, and should be deported to Sweden. She usually hangs out with a troupe of deformed tonttus that are even less human than average, with charred faces and non-skeletal limbs. She usually employs tonttus in her acts of mischief, including bombing entire shipments of Lucky Star, transplanting Peklo's entire cabin into the middle of the Gulag with Sanya V. Litvyak, and various plots to agonize the Finnish people.

Despite Drakonstrana's history of trying to subjugate Finland, Eila is deeply in love with Sanya V. Litvyak, a Drakonstranan witch. This implies a possible abusive relationship or refreshing disregard for historical context. She is extremely protective of Sanya. While she will not hesitate to push others to the brink of death, Eila will go to far lengths to make sure Sanya is untouchable. Her recent efforts to achieve this include wrapping Sanya in a cast of diamonds, before breaking the cast when she realized Sanya could not breathe, convincing Sanya to stay in her cabin and letting a tonttu act as a decoy until the tonttu ended up sabotaging the entirety of Drakonstrana's political sphere, and using her divination ability to plan out entire schedules for Sanya, which Sanya does not follow.

Eila is deeply fascinated with Sanya's breast. Scientific tests have concluded that this is because Sanya's breast house immense Hidden G Power.