Eridu Screwjob

The Eridu Screwjob was a canned WHAMESCO storyline where Bumrum Wrasslehon almost submerged most of the world's landmass underwater, in hopes of creating a new solitary continent whose shape resembled the WHAMESCO logo. During the main event of the Survivor Sagas, Wrasslehon aired a promo and announced plans to submerge the world via a great deluge. The many wrestlers at the venue believed this to be actual truth instead of kayfabe, because they had not overheard beforehand about the new direction in storyline. Peklo, an audience member, joined the stable of wrestlers, including Nightmare, Slim Jim Mr. Mann, Neo Giant Gigaton Joe, Bret Hard, and The Runner Kleebo, in tracking down Wrasslehon to stop his plan.

As they reached the inner sanctum of the stadium, The Runner Kleebo revealed his true colors. Slamming relentlessly, The Runner Kleebo took the wrestlers by surprise and managed to knock Slim Jim Mr. Mann into the abyss. However, being four versus one, the odds were in the favor for the oblivious party. Suddenly, a referee spawned from the sanctum's mist and declared that The Runner Klebo had won the match, even though no one was in submission. The wrestlers felt forced to play along according to kayfabe and induced themselves into unconscious states immediately. The Runner Kleebo was crowned the WHAMESCO Champion. As the audience booed at the obvious shoot, Wrasslehon appeared and twisted the valve at the center of the sanctum…

The entire world was flooded.

The incident became known as the Eridu Screwjob because the stadium was screwed down to block a limitless reservoir of Ultra-G Seawater. When Wrasslehon turned the valve, he accidentally let loose the screws, drowning the audience and several continents. The fault was blamed on technicians who did not ensure that the safety lock was fastened. Others purport that Wrasslehon's strength overwhelmed the safety lock and ripped it apart unknowingly.

Peklo then tackled both Wrasslehon and The Runner Klebo, becoming the first WHAMESCO Champion who was not employed in the company.

This along with the accidental flooding of the world canned Bumrum Wrasslehon's original plan with The Runner Klebo investigating why the world was not flooded and finding out it was the work of Maximal Letters. Maximal Letters would then explain that the deluge would have hit many of The Runner Klebo's friends and family, turning Bumrum Wrasslehon into a exploitative heel, giving birth to the character known as MISTER WRASSLEHON.

Fortunately, because the deluge actually happened, Wrasslehon was able to write in MISTER WRASSLEHON anyway. No one is quite sure why flooding the world would be the work of a face, but at this point, most of the audience was aware that WHAMESCO's writing team was comprised of the Absolute Worst.