Eyedropper Erun

Eyedropper Erun was a serial cherub murderer. Cherubs, winged (but actually floating not flying) masses of lard and eyes, became his prime victims upon the happenstance that dropping them could be considered an "eyedrop". In pursuit of becoming the G-Urth's worst murderer in the world, he settled on accentuating his terrible reign by way of association with Satan's preferred humor, the pun. Erun knew he could not compete with the world's actual most killer killer, Nightmare and began a swath of self-deceiving destruction.

Eyedropper Erun was later dropped himself off of Bim Banp Crevice. Before execution, his eyes were removed so that they could witness his bodyfall, but not the eyedrop he so lusted. The eyes are now encased on the world's highest peak where they gaze upon the highest drop in the world with no chance to take the plunge.