Fall Of The Chapel
The Fall of the Chapel
The Successor bringing Peklo to execution
Location Resonacia, Finland
Result Pyrrhic victory
Peklo and other high-ranking Chapel
officers survived, but the entirety of
the Chapel was destroyed
The Successor The Chapel
1 man 5 million people
Casualties and losses
None 4.999999 million casualties

The Fall Of The Chapel, sometimes called the Chorple Tumble, the Battle for Finnish Culture, the Thousand Deaths of Slam Scholars, the Day the Gods Took a Vacation, and the Bad Man Jam was a significant event orchestrated by the Successor in an attempt to abdicate political power from what he believed was the Cult of Diplo. It resulted in the absolute obliteration of Finland's cultural capital, Resonacia and its grand spiritual forum, the Chapel. While it seemed sudden, research has led to findings that suggest the kettle was long set before the Chapel's founding.

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Amidst growing tensions, the Successor suddenly began to use his Goddu Dash Technique, wherein he stood idly, as his body vaulted several km per hour. The sheer sight of his immobile body slamming forward at the speed of god drew the bewilderment of the Chapelpeople. They gathered in crowds to witness the Successor's ludicrous act, but this was all his ultimate ploy. Kiting the enemy into meat-piles, the Successor began to relentlessly slam hordes of Chapelpeople. Somehow, the Successor managed to continue using this very same strategy for the next several days, inflicting millions of casualties. In a rare case or two, a Chapelperson survived the shockwaves from his slams. The Successor solved this by walking up to the person and kicking them to death. Most Chapelpeople thought they were going to have a fun time and yelled "Yahoo!" before being blown into bloody chunks.

The only weakness Successor had was the placement of numerous caged walls throughout the Chapel. While he possessed the ability to Goddu Dash almost anywhere, he could only do so on horizontal surfaces. In the final battle, Nightmare managed to grab the Successor, only for the Successor to utilize the very same move he had performed about a few thousand times that day, blowing Nightmare to bits.

Notable Deaths

Conn: executed by the Successor in an attempt to win public favor.
Giz: not a direct death, but it was a catalyst for protests by Chapelpeople.
Cronqvist: assassinated by the Successor because he believed Cronqvist was Giz. This sparked a major outcry.
Kokoro Tsunaguu: killed by Alis for trying to prove Giz's innocence.
Hero: after making a public announcement on the Successor's insanity, he was slammed across Finland for 50,000 km.
Nightmare: after sparring with the Successor for an impressive twenty strikes, the Successor landed a punch, blowing Nightmare into a dozen pieces. The resulting force also scattered his remains throughout the world.