Fatican City

Fatican City, formerly known as Mannican City, is an independent city-state in Burgburg. After the Slam Pope's temporal power was all but reduced, and all Papal States decided to pump up on their own, the entire city was fork-lifted to the more religiously-accepting Burgburg along with three-thousand tons of burgers. Fatcian City itself houses a plethora of farms specialized in raising breeds of cattle, genetically disposed so that their meat is intensely marbled, with 1000% of it being unsaturated fat.

The Fatican City, ruled by the Bishop of Pump, is led by Slam clergymen from all different nationalities — even Land of Taiyou, where the national religion is Anime. The Pope's residence is a seventy-storied tower of gymnasiums and boxing arenas. To reach his bedroom, the Pope must go through rigorous exercises and sparring matches on every floor before resting on a diamond-encrusted bed of spikes. It is through these physical challenges that he can operate as a medium and communicate with the Neo Slam Gods as he dreams.

Everything in Fatican City is out of proportion, with objects from chairs to toilets being ten times their normal scale. This is based on the old myths that the Slam Gods were five times as gigantic as the average Finnish man. In truth, the Slam Gods were a hundred times larger. Renovations are currently being done to accommodate this severe error.

Grandgod Church takes up 125% of Fatican City.

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