Fiery Fry

Fiery Fry is a Slamerican goblin who works as a television personality for Throat Cram Network. He was introduced to attract "male viewers" with his "rowdy factor." It is not certain how the television network survived with an audience base that otherwise consists of only 1% of the population. Despite allegations of being too rowdy for television, Fiery Fry is actually fairly mild-mannered. The perception of his high rowdiness stems from his swollen puffy red cheeks and his outrageous Saiya-jin hair which can reach up to thirty feet. His appearance causes people to compare him with Shin Rowdy chef, Gordon Ramslay.

Fiery Fry once aided a goblin plot to destroy humans by introducing a giant cookie pizza that, in truth, contained one billion japalenos per square nanometer. Another time, he directly fried humans alive on his television show, Fry's Big Bumble.

His coffin.