Figure Out The Puzzles

Figure Out The Puzzles is one of Shadowslam's ultimate techniques. A manifestation of his trickyness, it transports one person from the battle into a dimension of unnecessarily grim and spooky puzzles. Shadowslam is known to have performed this technique against every member of the Neo Slam Gods at least fifteen hundred separate times, so they have internalized its patterns and are capable of speedrunning the ordeal in milliseconds, recording their times and comparing them amongst themselves after the battle. Shadowslam has secretly restrained himself from using it on Crashcombo — who is too embarrassed to ask about the answers from his peers — and plans to use this as an ace-in-the-hole in the future.

The Hanged Man's Hardest Harangue of Hellish Horrors

A room of maximum grim with countless corpses hanging from the ceiling and a puzzle at the center. Any attempts at solving the puzzle are quickly followed by ridicule from the hanging corpses who all act as if they know the answer already. At first, contenders of this conundrum confidently continue, but as the rowdy revenants' rancorous ridicule rises in roughness, the respondent's (heart)rate races with rage.

Slamming the hanged men away provides no respite as more corpses instantly descend from the ceiling as the dimension is home to an endless amount of corpses. Possibly the only way to solve the puzzle is to humble oneself and ask a hanged man for help, but this is tantamount to suicide as it would kill the victim's ego, which would result in certain defeat if they managed to return to battle by escaping the deadly dimension. It is theorized that the Slam Gods have escaped this grave fate by projecting a facade of humility while internally flexing their ego to the maximum.

An Electrifying Mystery!!

A room with an electric chair and a lever. Grim, but the average completion time is two seconds.

Spooky Sequence of Trapdoor

A room with the entire floor serving as a trapdoor triggered by pressure of more than the weight of exactly one person. Victims are lured onto the floor to fight skeletons, who have been watching their weight so that their collective mass could be just below the threshold. When the floor collapses from the added weight all the skeletons explode from the 100-story drop and their bones rebound to approximately the same height, at which point they reassemble into something to climb back up. Their transformation supposedly differs each time to make their job more enjoyable. They are quite proud of their synchronization and serve as a transforming doppelganger boss in the event that the contestant circumvents the riddle of the floor. One way of overcoming this ordeal is to resist the urge to fight the skeletons until they go out on break.

Gorgeous Skull of Glimmering Grin

A quite handsome skull with teeth made of gold and its one remaining eye glowing with liveliness. Upon seeing the participant, the skull asks them to bring it additional jewelry to decorate itself with, which must be attained by slamming other warriors who have been pulled into this dimension and taking their jewelry. The task only requires slamming and is not very puzzling, so the success rate is 98%. Upon completion of the challenge, the skull rewards the participant with a charming smile.

Can You Find All Rocks Numbered 1 to 9999999

You mysteriously come across two obviously fake rocks in the vicinity of your town, but can you find the other 9999997 rocks? Are they all within the same relative radius or all over G-Urth? Can you Figure Out The Puzzles?

Maddening Mathematical Mires

A book of one-hundred mathematical problems that must be solved is handed out. All of the problems are incredibly simple, yet this very simplicity is what causes one to doubt their answers. Such questions include "2+2", "10-8", and "Solve for x when x ÷ 2 = 5." It does not help that the Neo Slam Gods are already very, very bad at solving mathematical equations.