Final Dungeon Enemy

Final Dungeon Enemies, hollow suits of mithril armor, guard the inner halls of the Coxenburg Dungeons. Science has yet to find the source of their sentience. Even before the goblinization of Coxenburg, it is believed that the Final Dungeon Enemies existed, yet historical records make no mention of these loathsome giants. Being the ultimate guardsmen of Coxenburg's chambers, each wields a series of WMDs that Lord D. F. Jogre of Coxenburg uncovered in an archaeological dig off the coast of Sweden, the rumored home of the Dark Slam Gods. Because of their impressive arsenal, Final Dungeon Enemies have been reinforced with an extra layer of Ultimate Warrior's skin cells for the (heh) ultimate form of protection.

A peculiar attribute of the F.D.E.'s appearance is that its helmet has been fashioned with mirrors (also reinforced with the Ultimate Warrior's skin cells). These mirrors both reflect light and every other form of energy, making them impervious to all forms of martial technique or magic. It is said that if one were to break a mirror, it would unleash a black hole that would devour the entire world.