Final Fog Forest

A sprawling fog forest situated within the heart of Finland. Purportedly, only violent gigantic adventurers are allowed to enter the forest, as the possession of a _C A T_ is deemed insufficient for survival in such a grim environment. Regardless of pet-keeping, almost no one comes out alive due to the 1000% impenetrable opacity of the fog, and when they do, they claim it was entirely due to luck — or in Nightmare's case, pluck.

Invisible members of the shin terrorist group N.M.E. ramble around the misty foliage and prey on those who enter. Their favorite method of hassling intruders is by backstabbing repeatedly while the victim fumbles around and whiffs with every strike from his or her great-great-greatsword. Giant trees dot the fog-ridden woodland, moaning when whacked with weapons, and stirring great fear in the visceral depths of vegetarians.

Rumors abound of a decapitated head in the forest's center that mumbles to himself an eternal soliloquy about the halcyon days when he killed, killed, killed. It is possible that he has survived for so long because N.M.E. members have no back to stab.