Flattop Juango

Flattop Juango is the leader of the Danger City Megahero Army, a vigilante group comprised of costumed men named Megaheroes. Flattop Juango originally operated alone with a Peklo halloween mask to scare criminals to the full fear, but later adopted a full costume, and ditched the Peklo mask to prove his KING FU skills.

Juango insists that his costume helps identify him as a hero among the people, but police express that the sentiment is quite the opposite and that their phone lines are constantly bombarded by people complaining about Terrible Fashion on the streets when Juango flies into action. More than occasionally, this has blocked actual Crimes and Not-Demon Killings from being reported. Nevertheless, Juango convinces others to adopt megahero outfits (which can be bought at his Halloween costume store, Fearful Frills and Thrills) and help fight the Crime. All members of the Danger City Megahero Army are said to know military or mixed martial arts by Juango. One member is rumored to just know how to throw pies though.

Juango decided to take the law into hands (the Law Hand) after a few incidents troubled him about the state of Danger City: his barbells being stolen by Homey-Z, now his professed Rambunctious Rival, and being told several people witnessed the Crime but did nothing. The only thing left at the Crime scene was a ski mask he had placed there alongside his barbells. When his friend, Bumbo Gomez, was assaulted at the Danger Danger Bar, Juango put on his ski mask, and attacked the assailants. Only after did he realize that Bumbo Gomez was a Grade Z CRIMEinal who had started the fight after failing to extort Bingles from the assailants. Afterward, Juango, in MegaAnger, tackled Gomez straight into jail. Gomez was not allowed a trial, because local police did not put him in prison.

Juango later developed his full costume and pseudonym, after his chaotic tackling made him too recognizable. People started referring to him as Tackling Terry, and he really hated the name Terry, remembering far back to when he was chased around a wagon by a great Dog Devil named Terry. Juango's costume consists of a Dragon Leather fistproof vest, Orichalcum stab plating for his crotch, and Tackle Shoulder Pads refined from Holy Man's Vein (possibly stolen from Fatican City mausoleums). When he finished the costume, he broadcast it on local TV, and the news broadcast received the Lowest Ever Ratings. Juango is glad anyway, because now no one knows his Shin Identity. For combat, Juango uses a slam baton, slam spray (emits particles of mini-wrestlers who slam), slamcuffs (cuffs that emit slamming onto the hands they bind), and slam aid kit (for when the slam is too slam (he's a hero not a kira) ).

Juango later joined the Danger City Megahero Army. In the 5th Era of Giga, local police recorded ten citizens patrolling the city in megahero costumes, using the names Spike Vicious, BanBan Buster Joey, Hellraiser Harris NOT HARRIS, EX Pulverizer Slam Dunk Super, Twin Fists Punch Twice, Dim Mak: Maker of Dim, Barrels of Banter: THE TALL TALKER, Supersonic Sam, and Flattop Juango. An individual using the pseudonym "Bad Rad Dragon" has also self-identified as being a member of the group. The rest of the group denies his involvement since he has been involved with burning three dozen people to a crisp. Juangos's wife is also a member of the Danger City Megahero Movement, under the name "Doctor Satan".

Mixed martial arts

Juango holds an 992,603-0-0 record in unsanctioned amateur mixed martial arts fights, and a 1,934-0-0 professional fight record. His fight name is listed as "The Phoenix Rises: The Ultimate Warrior of Danger: FLATTOP G".