The "Flexbeam" is a manifestation of a man's raw strength, powered by all of the testosterone and muscle mass he has gained through rigorous training. It is only possible through the diligent studies of ULTIMATE MANHOOD, but, much like the Manbeam, has only been passed down through generations of myth, with no actual texts supporting its existence. In order to perform the Flexbeam, it is said that one must stand with his legs equalized at 50% weight each, and that, upon drawing every molecule of raw muscle within the fiber of his being, then draw taut all muscles in the body and flex the right arm upward in front of his chest, with the fist clenched tightly. Performed correctly, this pushes forth a pulsating wave of energy in a complete shockwave of mighty energy, capable of incapacitating all of one's enemies, winning the hearts of all the beautiful women in the immediate 70 Km, and causing all fat warks belonging to the same or one generation younger than the performer to explode into bloody masses of festering pus and tissue. A reputed "lesser technique" of the Slamgods.