Fly is a goblin that Thernz keeps as a subordinate, though he refers to Fly as "Little Brother" and Fly considers him, "Big Bad Bro." Fly is the source of all of Thernz's misfortune. Continuously at odds with other Triple Triad members like Tony Tang the Tangy, Fat-Fat Chow Fat, and Trouble Teapot, Fly constantly relies on Thernz's intervention to save himself from certain death. Having to weasel Fly out from so many unpaid loans and grudges, Thernz himself is now 1000% poorer. Nevertheless, because of his compassion and honor, Thernz continues to aid the grounded Fly, even if it tarnishes his face, both literally and figuratively.

In one incident, Fly managed to get both himself and Thernz shot in the face. Luckily, Thernz used his Grim Synergy of creating pancreas to resolve this.

Fly is named after the insect known as fly.