Frippa Shaw

Frippa Shaw is the goddess of backflipping. She is credited with defeating a Dracula, saving Fatty Bulger, and killing five men cosplaying as a giant crab. In tribute to one of the guys near the mouth who screamed, "SHAW!", she adopted the surname of Shaw. Frippa back-flips everywhere, even if it means slamming into foes head-on. Thankfully, her constitution is hardy enough that skeleton bones which impale upon impact make for minor wounds.

Frippa travels the countryside in pursuit of being the fastest thing alive. Upon a single mishap, she restarts her adventure from the beginning. She has attempted the same quest over a billion times. One of the most dangerous places on her list is the Church of Bonners, the result of a man who sought to fit an excess amount of bones into his body for a world record. Another mighty obstacle is a Sea Satan who generously erects pillars to protect against his storm surge attacks. Frippa's murder instinct sets in approximately 50% of the time, resulting in her bodyslamming the pillar and allowing the storm surge to bodyslam her.

Her proudest achievement was killing a dancing giant skeleton at a prison that tortured its undead inhabitants with elevator music.

Some say that she is related to Frontflip Master.