Frontflip Master

The Frontflip Master is a silver-haired adventurer who travels the world by flipping. When he is not flipping, he is slamming foes with his hip, using a special technique called the Hip Hell Hazard. However, if he becomes too enthused in the frenzy of hip-slamming, he can potentially get all his bones locked in place and not move until an enemy whacks him. Thankfully, he has infinite defenses.

Frontflip Master's worst enemy is Red Yeller, a man who bares his chest. He is completely identical to the Frontflip Master in abilities, except for the fact that his weapon is Complete Bullshit. Unlike the Frontflip Master, he must end all his sentences in an incomprehensible yell which most resembles the phrase, "WHAAAARAGHAHGHAGHJHGHDH". In contrast, the Frontflip Master sounds angry all the time.

The Frontflip Master's only weakness is his face, and people insultingly refer to him as the Frumpt-Lip Master. Frontflip Master can endure the most boring dungeons, and this makes him a great asset to hire for villages that need their Tower of Eternity cleared out. The Frontflip Master carries a rare Sixth Sense Brooch as well.