Frugal Boogal

Frugal Boogal is a clone of Boogal, considered by the Shadow Committee of Boogal to be the most inferior version. Unlike the source material, Frugal Boogal is extremely careful about the total amount of water he draws when bathing, and is always sure to not use more hot water than is necessary. Boogal, displeased with Frugal Boogal's economical bullshit, has sought his clone out to destroy it, but Frugal Boogal is 1/6 a Boogal — a mobile head, in other words — and this makes hiding very easy. It is said that Frugal Boogal can be found where a body of water is not too much and not too little. The only beings who have seen Frugal Boogal are Timmy Trumpet, Dird, and a mole believed to be responsible for structurally undermining the foundations of Epitome Devilabyrinth.