FUBU (G Lu Ryo Lil' Tough'un Fu Bu) is an apocryphal Slam God who ascended to godhood as a human. He had to be demoted to non-canon because otherwise the pride would have helped him to ascend to indecent levels of godliness. Yet even humbled he remains ready to rumble.

A Whale of a Tale

FUBU was born in the Land of Dragons with a natural reverb to his voice. FUBU apparently never learned how to speak or say complete sentences beyond, "YOOOOOOOOOOOOOAH," but it was later discovered that he was the sole human speaker of the language of the Neo Slam Gods. FUBU never shut his mouth and eventually the community rallied to put him to death because people wanted to shut him up. Consequently, no one has dared to learn the language of the Neo Slam Gods, realizing it to be the most annoying thing in the world. FUBU has been recorded saying other things than "YOOAH", including "WOW", and "Uoooo!" There are urban myths that he has said: "DESTROY ALL OF YOUR FUTURE" and "SHOUT IT, SHOUT IN THE DARKNESS", but these instances are unfounded and have very little evidence, aside from piles of bodies.

After exploding everyone in his home village, FUBU left the Land of Dragons to join the cohorts of WHAMESCO. In spite of restrictions placed by WHAMESCO, FUBU wielded a halberd, Kabobbah, in every match; he used this to skewer his opponents like a shish kabob. This led to many gimmick matches wherein FUBU would face nobody wrestlers so that he could impale all of them at once and roast them. FUBU, being the hybrid son of a cockroach and human, became involved in a feud with Nightmare. This has since been dubbed the greatest WHAMESCO feud. The two had a rivalry that spanned over a decade, with FUBU triumphing over Nightmare when he sat in attendance of Nightmare's match against Big Satan.


FUBU rides a horse, named Red Hare, which he spray painted with the blood of his enemies. He usually goes to far lengths to buy the best perfume to spray over Red Hare — otherwise, the smell is unbearable. Because it's blood, FUBU has to regularly re-apply blood to Red Hare. He does this bi-daily, and the elaborate procedure can take up to ten hours. FUBU's entrances during his tenure at WHAMESCO usually involved galloping on Red Hare while yelling, "YOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAH." In an average FUBU match, a dozen people were crushed to death by Red Hare's hooves, and another dozen had their ears exploded.

Red Hare and Kokuoh were lovers until Kokuoh met Raoh.

Fans nicknamed FUBU a variety of names, including G, KING OF DESTROYER, and Cockroach. Some people make jibs about FUBU's scuttling across the wrestling ring by calling him カサカサカサカサ (kasakasakasakasa, the sound insects make).

Nowadays, FUBU carries around a surfboard and uses it to generate and ride on his own killer waves. He tends to like doing this near crowds of people, so that they die.

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