G - Backers

The G - Backers are two of super-powered big boys with an eye for the goods. The duo operates a freelance repossession service out of one of the grimmer areas of Finland. For an astronomical fee, they will recover legendary items for bourgeois collectors and then proceed to slam them into oblivion with "an almost 100% success rate." For some reason, despite their destructiveness, the pair continues to find work. The G - Backers' job often leads them into bizarre and dangerous situations in order to "G.E.T. back what shouldn't be G-one." Their targets range from lost video games to misplaced components of a slam bomb. Their endeavors are often complicated by the pair's convoluted individual pasts and a mysterious place known as the Epitome Devilabyrinth.

Recovered Items

N.B.: The following list is not comprehensive.

  • The Relic of Saint Gorguss (a snuffbox full of dead slugs)
  • Grand Gun (a gun that can fit two-and-a-half guns inside of itself)
  • Womp-a-Dump Glove (a boxing glove that lets the user punch infinitely)
  • The Violin of D. Briddle (a small toy fiddle that plays insipid lullabies on command)
  • "Lascivious Groin Admirer 2: Cradle of Man Oh Man" (illegal Slam Gods hentai)
  • Extremely Tall and Small Man (a man who is very small but tall for his size)
  • Weapon Hand 3: Sins of the Banjo (an unspeakably videogame)
  • Supreme Snail (an edible snail)