G Boogal

An upgraded form of Boogal, resident of Scrubville. G Boogal's creator is unknown. A popular hypothesis has it that no one in the world could be ridiculous enough to create a second Boogal besides Boogal himself. Attempts have been made by biologists to contact Boogal regarding the matter, but have found it impossible to locate Boogal in his massive bathtub.

G Boogal is simply a huger Boogal — approximately fifty times huger and a hundred times more absorbent. His hairstyle has been called more decadent by a few observers; most, however, agree that it is identical to Boogal's. It is believed that G Boogal's main directive is to take bathing to the most excessive level imaginable via his enormous size, and to one day absorb the waters of all baths across the globe.

However, G Boogal currently lacks the funds to build the tub of his dreams, which would be close to the size of a small ocean and hold nothing but water that has gone through a filtration process a thousand times. To this end, G Boogal has launched a Kickstarter page for funding. No donations have yet been received, perhaps because supporters of such a Kickstarter would be criminals, and criminals are well known for being terrible at the Internet due to their reluctance to set their swords and maces down to utilize a keyboard and mouse.

G Boogal's favorite vegetable is meat.