G-Bringer: The Ultimate Possible

G-Bringer: The Ultimate Possible (G-ブリンガー: The 一番 Possible) is a film directed by Thernz. Upon release, it was a stunning critical failure and under-performed at the box office to such a monstrous degree that the total gross was somehow in the negatives, despite — according to Thernz — the fact that the movie cost nothing to make. Apparently, this is because it was all filmed in a wasteland crater for no longer than a single day and all of the actors were in a stupor due to natural gases ejected by fissures in the earth that made them forget to demand payment.

G-Bringer has been blamed for several natural disasters, including a space tornado and the Apocalypse.


A large man stands, hands on hips, in a crater for two hours while an avalanche of goons throw their ineffectual bodies at him, screaming with impotent, erotic fury. In the last three seconds of the movie, the large man — assumed by many to be G-Bringer — turns to the camera and says, to no one in particular, "Go find your mysterious ass."