G-Ram J-Owns

G-Ram J-Owns was a rammer who believed he was the reincarnation of Shin Dracula. His faulty logic was that since he, G-Ram, was born around the same time Shin Dracula died, that he inherited Shin Dracula's spirit. When confronted with the truth that Shin Dracula never died in the first place, he plugs his ears and screams "LALALALALA."

However, G-Ram was born with the genetic ability to create fireballs when moving his tongue at rapid speeds, so no one bothers to point out the fallacies in his beliefs. As such, G-Ram has free reign in being a Dracula, and owns several Dracula Holes and Dracula Castles.

Despite being a Dracula, G-Ram is widely praised for his slick fashion and scarves. G-Ram's main source of income comes from owning a brand of scarves known as the G-Ram Wrappers.