One of the most wanted criminals in the world, G9999 has eluded authorities for over twenty years now, although he has been within Arresting Proximity countless times during that period.

G9999 lives and criminalizes in Eurump, where one of the procedures for arrest requires that an officer states the full name of the target within hearing distance; however, G9999's legal name is "G" written 9,999 times. This has been the #1 reason for G9999's continued activity.

The closest the law has ever come to arresting G9999 is when they enlisted the help of Terry Boulder, whose six vocal cords allowed him to attempt to say G9999's name six times faster. However, an accompanying dumbodingle officer believed the rapidly pronounced Gs coming from Boulder's mouth were the sound of a fly, and covered Boulder with pepper spray in an attempt to destroy the nonexistent fly. This was an atrocious mistake, and G9999 got away.