Galactic Empire of BodyBuilding & Fitness

The GEBB or Galactic Empire of BodyBuilding & Fitness, headquartered in S-Pain, is the international governing body for amateur sports of bodybuilding and fitness and oversees major galactic events in these sports, notably Galaxy, Planet, World, and Continental Championships. GEBB was founded in 20th Celestial Slam Decade by brothers Bend and Flex Welder in Montmuscle, Connada, under the name International Federation of Bodybuilders. They had no international recognition, but they quickly amassed an army of bodybuilders and took over the galaxy for several decades. Bored with total authoritarianism, they reverted to being overseers of bodybuilding events.

Shortly after, a rift erupted between the two brothers and a galactic civil war took place when they argued over who was better: Prime Infinite or Humungaad Huge. Finally, Flex Welder successfully blockaded Bend Welder from obtaining any protein, and Bend Welder's body deteriorated. However, being twins, Flex Welder's psychic link to his twin's body caused his own body to explode in the deepest melancholy. S-Painard and Pillar Man Santana took over the empire and subsequently moved the headquarters to Madbig, S-Pain.

Bumrum Wrasslehon once tried his luck in opposing the empire with rival organization, WHABESCO. In two years, all of WHABESCO's bodybuilders exploded in regret when Nightmare transferred to the GEBB upon winning both years' championships.