A region in Western Eurump. It was briefly inhabited by the shadow dwarves during the 17th Iron Era but was quickly abandoned when Martinettian barbarians started to sleep on their beds. When the shadow dwarves demanded the barbarians cease this bed-bobbing, the barbarians are said to have started sleeping on the dwarves themselves, causing much anguish and suffering.

Gall later came under the rule of the Franks, a wrestling stable known for their frank worked shoots.

Physical powers

The Geek historian Marcelius Ammo Maximum wrote this of the Galls:

Nearly all the Galls are of a lofty stature, fair and ruddy complexion: terrible from the sternness of their eyes, very quarrelsome, and of great pride and insolence. A whole troop of foreigners would not be able to withstand a single heterosexual Gall if he called his wife to his assistance who is usually much more stronger and with eight blue eyes…

Famous Gallish Exports

  • Particularly xenophobic language maintained and curated by group of mysterious goblins in Gall's tallest tower.
  • Severed heads said to house the power of Great Lords.
  • Books.
  • A large expansive network of catacombs, full of powerful skeletons.
  • Haute cuisine. Example: B1,000,000 slices of the Forbidden Fruit bourtrôléeilàsieuraisonpomme dipped in liquid gold. It is inedible and therefore a very high level item of class.
  • Very nasty food critics.
  • The social flexwork.

List of Gallish expressions

  • adieu
    • lit. "go to hell, god."
  • baguette
    • Long hard stick of bread used as substitute lance. Can be used to refer to other long hard sticks as well.
  • biasé
    • Nickname for "Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase.
  • bon appétit
    • lit. "good appetite for battle"; let's enjoy this fight.
  • Champs-Élysées
    • A boulevard in Gall that serves as an eternal battleground for the dead and restless.
  • coup de foudre
    • When a wrestler pulls off a special hissatsu waza no one was expecting.
  • derrière
    • lit. "ass": rear, buttocks, the big bottom, terror behind the pants, personal bungalow.
  • ennui
    • Why we must all fight.
  • flambé
    • When you cook using a volcano.
  • forte
    • The attribute in which you have the highest number.
  • haute couture
    • Expensive loincloths.
  • joie de la mort
    • Relishing the death of your enemies.
  • laissez-faire
    • lit. "let do"; What makes G-Urth turn.
  • la petite mort
    • When you only die just a bit, but not enough.
  • zut alors !
    • "Dagnabbit!"