Galley Beggar

Galley Beggar is a skeleton who stalks the Mashchester countryside, or what's left of it anyway. He appears as a hazy, glowing figure who frightens people upon sighting him. But he is really just looking for his head. It's obvious he has no brain because he usually has his head in his hands. Galley Beggar's pockets are usually lined with the tools of a joker, and it is possible that he died when he joked with the wrong guy, possibly Peklo.

Galley Beggar is friends with Yorick and the ghoul of Sleepy Hollow. On days where they are not as anxious about their missing heads, they like to set up a campfire and make homosexual "giving head" jokes to each other. Despite having no heads, the group tends to make quite the chortle, and Mashchester residents loath these nights. It is possible the trio are polyamorous lovers of each other.