Gamble Hardwink

Gamble Hardwink (Gamberu Haadowinku) is a bodybuilder who is famous for making outrageous gambles based upon predictions about the outcomes of bodybuilding contests in which he participates. Gamble does this by extending one muscle-packed arm and pointing the index finger out, cocking a knee up, and beginning a yell-sentence with, "MY MUSCLES QUIVER LIKE GODMOUNDS, AND BY SLAMDOM, THEY TELL ME THERE IS A DEFINITE CHANCE THAT …" The rest of the sentence is dependent upon the context. Upon the completion of his Gamble Sentence, Gamble gives a huge wink, and makes globules of salty eye sweat splash upon nearby citizens.

Despite his habit, Gamble is 100% terrible at predicting anything, and it is a mystery as to how he has any remaining money.