Ganny G

Ganny G is an egotistical jizz musician. Despite releasing literal garbage as music, Ganny G is the biggest-selling musician of the Ram Era (mostly because his garbage makes for good bovine feed). Ganny G is a large proponent of the Hidden G Power, and claims that his music is "G." This is expressed despite constant hatred by critics and the numerous sanctions imposed upon him by kingdoms. He currently has a death warrant in over twenty kingdoms for facilitation and development of Murder Music.

No one is even sure how Ganny G's popularity rose in the first place. Some economists purport that Ganny G's music is frequently licensed for torture devices, such as the elevator. Others are unsure of how Ganny G composes music, because he is a mere skeleton with long curly hair, but they are forgetting the sheer dominance of xylophone jazz among skeletons, which have an innate musical ability. Why Ganny G lacks it so severely cannot be confirmed, and most philosophers' arguments on the matter end up begging the question. Ganny G once released a cover album of Tibia Trumpeter's iconic xylophone jazz. It was deemed so terrible that Tibia Trumpeter personally rose from his grave to restore his honor in a vigorous media campaign wherein he performed the Bumble Bone Jig to exorcise the evil (Ganny G's instrumental tracks) from every shipment of the cover album.

Despite all this, according to interviews, Ganny G only listens to his own music. His house is a huge mansion whose every room has a sound system installed that plays a different Ganny G song on repeat.