Gashadokuro are giant skeletons that constitute the main population of Land of Taiyou. They are the creators of anime and other products of the rich Taiyou no culture. Despite being fifteen times taller than humans, they are masters of stealth; this led to the urban myth of ninjas popularized in Burgburg. Despite lacking stomachs, Gashadokuro are ravenous beings, and will scoop up a human and try to bite off the head with their giant teeth. Gashadokuro are well-known for a spectacular sense of oral hygiene: they participate in regularly-held competitions for showcasing their pearly whites. One time, a human entered and won the competition. She only survived the competition because every time a Gashadokuro approached her she would turn and flash her smile, blinding the Gashadokuro for a moment of escape.

A key flaw in Gashadokuro's stealth techniques is the inherent rattling of their bones. People targeted by Gashadokuro can usually hear extremely loud ringing throughout their ears. Gashadokuros work around this design defect by making sure the person is alone and that it after midnight. Big snorers will have snores too loud to be negated by the ringing. For others, Gashadokuro can simply hug the house and make the ceiling collapse on their prey.

Gashadokuro hold events, called gasha, wherein otaku can purchase cards of their favored idols. Most otaku are unaware that all human characters in Taiyou no entertainment are Gashadokuro disguise.

Creaking Skull and his brother Red Creaking Skull are well-known Gashadokuro in the Occident.