Gem Knight Garnet
First Appearance First Episode (In Peklo's Dreams~)
Title Captain Square
Role Fighter, Tank
Status BUSY
Cause of Death {$death}
Powers Transformation,
Future Vision,
Fusion to become even more Huge,
Power to disperse any liquid that
covers her BY FLEXING,
Power to generate electricity to
power Muscle March even after the
power goes out
Abilities Super Speed,
Super Strength
Super Sharp Wits
Grim Synergy Yes
Age At least 5,000
Country G-Urth, G-Universe
Height Huge
Weight Huge
Speed 2Fast
Power Level Hop-tastic
(whatever is above infinite)
Blood Type Lava/Love-A
Family Herself, other Gems
Marital Status {$martial}
Likes {$likes}
Dislikes {$dislikes}
Treasures Picture of her favorite person ever
Her secret animal friends
Hobbies Walking on the beach
Walking underwater near the beach
Keeping humans off the beach
Fighting monsters away from the beach
Punching Mountains
Being TOO BUSY to play with you
Favorite Food Fusion Cuisine
Forte in Sports Swimming (in lava)
(or at the bottom of the ocean),
Weightlifting descending spikes,
Muscle March (highest score in
the world)
Fighting Style {$style}
Weapon of Choice Her Godlike Fists
Attacks {$attacks}
Battle Cry "This is going to be intense."
*Starts Singing*
Win Quote "Garnet Wins… " B)
Most Unpleasant Her Arch-Nemesis:
The BigBuffCheetoPuff
Weakness Tiny Hands
Favorite Music Fusion
Personality Blunt
An unbelievably Stronger Than You

"We don't need to be careful, we just need to be HUGE."


The Gem-Knight Warrior who carries the Garnet Soul. Her Flaming Iron Fist crushes all enemies.

Account by Thernz

Garnet was (PRESUMABLY) formed in the mantle of G-Urth after a bunch of Inner Crust Dragons slammed each other too hard near an underground aquifer. Garnet rose to the G-Urth after being mined out of lizardmen miners 10,000,000,000 years later. Being exposed to fresh air for the first time, the previously pretty dead gemstone awakened and crushed the entire mining operation in a fit of confusion. On the run as a fugitive, she took shelter with several other Gem Knights under a 7 year old's apartment.

What Really Happened

WHAT REALLY HAPPENED was that she was formed much, much earlier by the Original Dragons while they still floated aimlessly through the outer reaches of G-Universe, lazily eating rocks and sleeping and sometimes slamming into each other by accident. Any time the dragons slammed too hard, the resulting pressure created a gem which then fell to G-Urth or other planets as a UFO, or Undefeatable Flying Overlord, that conquered that planet with its overwhelming power.

Luckily, the gems that landed on G-Urth were led by a chubby pink lady who didn't want to enslave humans. Gem Knight Garnet was OK with this and spent her days punching mountains, getting high scores in Muscle March, and training with her secret animal friends.

Garnet is currently receiving a torrent of love letters from Peklo, to which she immediately replies to with:
but this has yet to deter Peklo.