Gemmy Hurt

Gemmy Hurt, the Mouth of the Far East, is a WHAMESCO wrestling manager and singer from the Land of Dragons. He has managed many legendary wrestlers such as Terry Boulder, Nightmare, Bret Hard, and Cotrangl. In total, Gemmy Hurt has managed over a million wrestlers. During some periods of time, Gemmy Hurt managed the entire WHAMESCO division of wrestlers, creating a confusing air of who Gemmy would help during the match. He usually resorted to yelling insults at both wrestlers. Gemmy Hurt himself has won the Cesuo Heavyweight Championship which is hardly worth mentioning as the other participants were all sentient toilets.

Gemmy Hurt is always wearing a colorful suit and carries a strange piece of equipment called a megaphone, he uses it to project his already 50,000 db voice. He uses the megaphone to encourage his proteges, and to nagger their opponents. In rare cases, he has used it to inflict temporary hearing loss on entire arenas so that his wrestlers, always equipped with bingledorp-skin earmuffs, hold the advantage. In some instances, he even uses the megaphone as a weapon. As such, his megaphone, besides the handle, has jutting spikes laced in Hell Tackle Devil venom. Gemmy's megaphone has been a staple of thrown foreign objects during matches, and so far, has defeated over 10,000 wrestlers, making it the undisputed champion of wrestling with the highest winning streak with zero losses. Gemmy's suits are made from a large variety of animals and he usually hires poaches to venture into Jumbo Whopping Titanic Pump Valley to personally gather their material. Gemmy tailors his suits himself, and credits learning the craft from himself. His favorite suit is made from the skin of Battle Satans. It has the insignia of Satan giving a thumbs up with three-dimensional font that says, "GIVE THEM HELL."

Gemmy Hurt is known for his antics during WHAMESCO matches, including trying to interfere with a Terry Boulder match and getting his hair shaved off by Terry's opponent's hissatsu waza, Mane Cutter. Ironically, the hissatsu waza would have had no effect on Terry's already-receding hairline. Even though Terry won the match, Terry was later disqualified for Gemmy's interference. After leaving Terry Boulder, Gemmy Hurt groomed Nightmare to become the man to defeat Terry Boulder. His contributions included: letting Nightmare borrow his shampoo. During a push-up contest between Ultimate Warrior and Mmm Gorgeous, Gemmy brought out a 1,000 ton wrestler, Heavy McLarge, to sit on the contestants' backs. This broke both the Warrior and Gorgeous's backs and they were sent to the hospital. It later culminated in them both leaving WHAMESCO for a year of recovery. Gemmy later helped the Hard Poundation win the Tag Team Championships by lending them his special love potions so that the audience would fall in love with them and persuade WHAMESCO writers to plot in their favor.

He also wrote the hit single, Sexy Boy, the current theme of the Neo Slam Gods. Gemmy is a womanizer too. No one is quite sure what that means.