Genki Slam Wolf Clan

A band of hooligans who hold several bases in the Mega Mountains. They announce their approach by howling as wolves do, and are well known throughout the land for their cunning. Clothed in furs taken from wolves, they roam the forests and hills in search of weakly fortified settlements to plunder. All members are experts in a specially developed fighting style called Ninety-Pawed Burst of the Astral Bow Wow. Its main application is expressed through the user jumping tremendously high, curling into a ball, spinning at a dizzying speed, and then rocketing towards a target. Eyewitnesses of this style say that it in fact has nothing to do with wolves, so confusion surrounds the style's name.

The Genki Slam Wolf Clan is led by Atrocious Aniki, a ten-foot tall man wielding a club that weighs four-hundred pounds. His face is chiseled into an unending expression of sorrow and joy. Atrocious Aniki's age is unknown; some say he was present at the Clan's founding centuries ago. The Clan's preferred food is chicken or turkey legs. When an abandoned cave base of theirs was discovered by explorers, a chamber in its rear was found to be filled with hundreds of thousands of chicken and turkey leg bones.

It is said that Hompdomp the Manslayer routinely hires them for military misdeeds, such as assassination and "spin-by attitudings." However, the Krush government has repeatedly denied such rumors as huffle. Nevertheless, Genki Slam Wolf Clansmen have increasingly been reported in Krush, rather than their native Mega Mountains. And in a bizarre twist, one clansmen even transformed into a Mega Demon. He heralded himself as the Shadow, and caused five billion dollars worth of property damage in ten minutes before he accidentally veered off a street and into a pit. The marvelous golden rings that flushed from his rotting corpse were used to compensate for the damage.