Genius Skeleton Archer

A mysterious skeleton archer. Before it was discovered, people would find themselves mysteriously pierced by arrows seemingly out of nowhere. Scholars were puzzled over these occurrences, and dubbed them Mysterious Phenomena Originating from the Dark Slam Gods (MPODSLAM, pronounced "M. POD SLAM"). It wasn't until Diplo began excavating and building structures that he saw the skeleton, who was shooting at him to prevent him from continuing his work. Diplo pushed the skeleton off a cliff a hundred miles in the air, thinking that would do it in. Unfortunately for him, the skeleton kept shooting even from such a distance. Angered, Diplo went down and shoved the skeleton again, making it tumble down for five hundred miles. Believing this to have done it, he resumed his work, only to be shot at again. Furious, Diplo pushed the skeleton about five million consecutive miles, but it would still continue to shoot. Finally giving up, Diplo built a wall at 5000000 stones per second to negate the arrows and continued his work. This was the most famous encounter with the skeleton, and Diplo later made his report and received many prizes. Incidentally, this was also the only encounter with the skeleton anyone ever had. Despite this, the skeleton is famously attributed the quote: "I refuse to not be a hawkeye."