Giga G-Hrony Cram

The most powerful attack that can be learned by beings below the Original Slam Gods. Pumpatron is the only Neo Slam God to have executed it. In the Book of Slams, it is revealed that there are nine-thousand, nine-hundred and ninety-nine dimensions, all of which are identical, none of which are "true." To perform the Giga G-Hrony Cram, the user must concentrate on this pattern and channel the collective energy into their being for a collective slam. Due to the demand this puts on the user, it is expected that the attack will not be executed by even a particularly adept individual until at least a couple of years of trancelike powering up. Thus, it is all the more remarkable that Pumpatron achieved this feat within the chaotic heat of battle. The Giga G-Hrony Cram, naturally, must be controlled, lest its strength shatter worlds. It is one of the goals of the Dark Slam Gods to prematurely unlock this ability through evil devices and sciences without the need for training or natural genius.

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