First Appearance {$first}
Title Killer of the Chapel
Rank Outlaw Star
Role Jumper
Status Dead, down a hole
Cause of Death {$death}
Powers Jumping
Abilities Jumping
Grim Synergy Storing the suffering of others
into his jumping ability
Age 27
Country Wolfland
Height 100 cm
Weight 52 kg
Speed {$speed}
Power Level Charged by jumping
Blood Type B
Family His pet wolf, Irae
Marital Status {$martial}
Likes Jumping, hehing around
Dislikes Not Jumping
Treasures A hidden trove
of Top Bobb pamplets
Hobbies Jumping on top of the world's
tallest structures to make up
for his short stature
Favorite Food None, gets in the way
of jumping
Forte in Sports Jumping
Fighting Style Manfredo Family
Jumping Martial Arts
Weapon of Choice Infinite Boots,
Attacks Jumping
Word of Pain
Paradigm Shift
Battle Cry "YOUR DAD"
Win Quote "Heh"
"rest in cis"
Most Unpleasant Volkii
Weakness Low Ceilings
Favorite Music Jumping
Personality Contrarian Egoist
An unbelievably Jumping

"Wrestling is only for the intellectually dense; wrestlers do not build libraries of the mind."


Giz, more commonly known as Jumpy Demonic, was a bully who is believed to have contributed to the Fall of the Chapel.


Despite being known as a delinquent and quite the "Giz," Giz's own fall was heavily contributed by the Successor framing Giz with the act of cloning himself. While Giz argued against such claims, even going so far to hang a mighty poster decrying the rumored acts of Successor creating the illusion of activity, fate was against him, and Giz was quickly banned from the Chapel, along with Antique Table. It is not known why Antique Table was also kicked out.

Fall from Grace

Nevertheless, the two comrades decided to start living in Jut's farm, unaware that this only instigated Successor's anger more. Giz had a secret sexual fascination with jumping which ironically proved to be the fatal catalyst when he jumped into a large pit a hundred kilometers away, out of reach and sight. He failed to muster enough jumps to create a "ho leveled up" jump that could get him out. He subsequently died of heartbreak. Some purport it was Successor who created the massive hole with a single punch. Antique Table and several farmers witnessed Giz hopping around to collect a trail of Top Bobb pamphlets, his favorite literature.

Falling in Love All Over Again

Before this death, Giz was Juts Beaumont's lifelong partner as well as Devin Meroslouch's, creating frisky scenarios and needless drama. It is believed he was reincarnated as the illegally brainless Niege, a snow-goblin who was quickly punched to death by Successor, then Manfredo, a patron of the arts whose obsession with the aesthetic caused him great disfavor, before ascending into the form of a Gnostic wetfart.

Fell Works After the Fall

After Giz's death, they discovered a shrine dedicated to Diplo in his basement, including several life-scale hay-pillows and unsent love letters. They also discovered a hidden trove full of Top Bobb pamplets, and a million-paged document detailing the creation of a massive opera called Requiem. The sheer pretense killed the excavators and the document has laid in Giz's abandoned shack since.