Glass Finncattle

Glass Finncattle are an extremely rare cattle breed of Finnish origin. Finncattle are usually kept for dairy production. Unlike other cattle, glass finncattle are impossible to use in beef production. The glass finncattle is comprised entirely out of stain-resistant glass. Its vestiges is but a pool of regenerating milk. So mysterious and transparent is this system that it is entirely unknown how the digestive process works. Upon grazing on grass, the grass seems to simply disappear. People who have placed their hands in a glass finncattle's mouth have lost entire arms.

Glass finncattle are extremely curious and willful. It is because of this that they have grown extraordinarily huge over time. Glass finncattle are always likely to fatten. They are also evil. With their hard glass surfaces, they will often resort to ramming their owners or each other to fulfill a quota of misdeeds. Despite this, many Finnish farmers continue to keep them, because a glass finncattle's milk is a culinary experience often compared to truffles or caviar.

The taste is rough, with a tangy bitterness and coarse texture. The taste tends in linger in the mouth for ten days straight and the putrid but pungent flavor tends to amp up adrenaline because the nervous system will regard the lasting taste as a sign of death. Because of this, glass finncattle milk is often used in Viking settlements before they go on hunts or raids.