Glum Rammer Lord

Glum Rammer Lord is a powerful monster. It constantly has an expression that makes it seem as if a car ran over its cat, and makes mournful sounds no matter what the occasion; hence its name.

The Glum Rammer Lord has four blunt horns on its head, each rivaling a diamond in hardness. Its main mode of attack is to run at 500 km/h and ram into an opponent with these horns. It can reach this speed in under two seconds. Once the Glum Rammer Lord has successfully rammed its opponent, it will then push hard and crack all bones in the body. Finally, it will rear back and ram once more to ensure the opponent's death.

Its appearance is that of a giant humanoid mixed with a more beastly lower half. Covering its body are blues scales said to be so hard that even mithril weapons cannot cut through them. The Glum Rammer Lord's formidable roar deafens all who hear it. It resides in Jumbo Whopping Titanic Pump Valley, and its meat is considered a Finnish delicacy.