Gobliceco is the civilization known for revering goblins. The state is blanketed by massive, dozen-kilometer tall structures consisting of temples, pyramids, obelisks, towers, pagodas, staircases, slopes, highways, high rises, and swimming pools.

The swimming pools tend to be the location of incidents involving mass tourist drownings.

Gobliceco once had a nearly civilization-destroying event when the forest decided to be ruder than usual and started sweeping over the city-scape. Gobliceco enlisted a global effort to stop the green tides and savagely beat the encroaching flora to death. However, this was all a ruse to show how powerful the forest was. When it came to envelop the famed warriors of Eurump, Gobliceco set forth its actual plan, dousing the flora in flames imported from Hell. Deforestation quickly resolved the heinous vegetable crusade, and things receded to a long-standing peace.

Gobliceco is the hegemony of Mesoslamerica, and has several tributary states: Gobru, Gocuba, Goxcoco, and Luchaland. It is currently trying to usurp power from Burgburg and transform it into another tributary state by sending in Goblin spies to be elected into Burg Congress and Sedenate. It's surprisingly working well. Gobliceco has already transplanted its own national bird, the eagle, as Burgburg's own.

The government is based on tributes, usually in the form of severed demon heads. The head of power has no supreme authority over its city-states. Instead, if a city-state is doing a good job, the head of power will give them an honorable thumbs-up and say, "Naiso Jobbu."

Gigantic stone heads litter the countryside of Gobliceco. These are actual stone men who got stuck. Stranded for thousands of years, they have foregone emotion and communication. They are the great ancestors of the Pillar Men, primordial beings related to the Slam Gods.