Goblin Shark

Goblin Sharks are enigmatic deep-sea creatures who are considered "living fossils." Because of their diamond durability, they are the duress of Certain Country fishermen who travel to the deep trenches of the G-Urth in Sheikie-Baby Vapor Vessels to catch prized and rare deep-sea fish, such as the Bulbtrotter and Lagiacrus. Goblin sharks have a lineage of over a hundred million years, although there are legends that they are goblins that went to live in the sea after a great diaspora.

Goblin sharks are known for their spear-like snout and protruding jaws lined with over a thousand nails stuck into them (possibly just teeth). Goblin sharks on average grow larger than humans by several feet and use their above-average body size to taunt the naturally bodybuilding and competitive Certain Countrymen. After enraging their potential human victims, goblin sharks will stab their snouts into the humans, keeping the hapless victim in place with their snout while they devour the body with their protruding jaws. Goblin sharks wage territorial wars with another deep-sea species, the Tude Worms.