God Hell Island

The isle of Ire; the Hell of "Aww, Hayell no"; the Place with no Grace. God Hell Island is quite easily one of the most dangerous places on g-urth, right next to Jumbo Whopping Titanic Pump Valley. No humans inhabit it, and even fewer have visited its grounds.

Besides featuring the deepest Dracula Hole and being home to the last surviving Battle Satans, hate and rage flow ceaselessly from its violent body. Most of the island is made up of volcanoes, spiny chasms, caves full of deadly natural gases, and deserts of ash. Rivers of forever-hot lava flow every which way, and the lava can get as hot as the surface temperature of blue stars. During several scientific aerial studies of the island, the lava from volcanic eruptions was seen to make angry faces.

A third of the island is a forest of limestone pillars, formed in such a way that spiny micro-formations cover all surfaces and will destroy the clothing and skin of humans. It is 100% unexplored. The stone forest is home to thousands of unique species that have been observed from afar, many of which are imperturbable giga-fowl that make use of original divebombing techniques.

God Hell Island is positioned over a very active fault, leading to constant g-urthquakes and minor tremors.

There is a forest to the northeast called the Forest of Doom. None of the trees have leaves. It has been dubbed the "Most Boring Forest on G-Urth" by forest professionals.